6 Unexpected, Well-Paying Jobs for Liberal Arts Majors

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 8/25/16 8:30 AM

“A liberal arts degree? So, you’re going to teach?”

This phrase is also known as the response every liberal arts major gets at least once (for certain majors, many times) in their college career. And while teaching is a vital, admirable profession, it’s not for everyone—and maybe you’re feeling like it’s not for you.

If you’ve chosen to pursue a degree in the liberal arts (if you haven’t chosen a major yet, click here), then you need to decide if teaching is right for you, or if another career might be your calling. Once that’s decided, the question you might ask yourself becomes, “What else can I do?”

Trust us—you have plenty of options. Here are just 6 of the many unexpected careers you can land with a liberal arts degree.

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3 Steps for Contacting Professors When You’re Applying to College

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 8/23/16 8:30 AM

New Call-to-action The application process can be a long one—and once your application and materials are in and you’re “done,” you might not think that you can take additional steps to improve your chances of getting accepted.

Of course, this is normal and totally acceptable—unless you want to get ahead of the game.

Much like the practice of writing “thank you” notes, contacting professors before being accepted to a university (or even before registering for their classes) is a lost art. And this lost art can mean the difference between getting noticed and accepted into a program or having your application glossed over with the masses.

 Are you ready to go the extra mile? Here are three steps to contact your prospective professors while you’re in the application phase of getting into college.

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How to Become a Teacher in Indiana: 5 College Majors to Study in College

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 8/18/16 8:30 AM

In Indiana, a Bachelor of Education degree from any accredited university enables a graduate to apply for a teaching certificate in their entitled state. In tandem with demonstrating an acceptable GPA and passing a state-required basic skills test, striving for a career as a teacher also requires:

  • 20 Questions to Ask When Visiting Colleges observation and student teaching hours
  • application for a teaching certificate
  • completion of specific degree requirements 

In the face of a seemingly long checklist, it’s easy to forget some of the most basic decisions—like what in the world am I going to major in?

For prospective teachers, there are options—here is a short list of 5 college majors you can choose on the path to becoming a teacher in Indiana.

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How to Go to College: Your Very First Step | Advice for First-Generation College Students

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 8/16/16 8:55 AM

Download the Ultimate College Decision Timeline It’s never fun to feel like you’re behind—especially when that feeling applies to something as life changing as going to college.

As a first generation student, that feeling often arrives in full force. You feel like you have less answers than everyone else, exponentially more questions, and yet you’re too nervous or even afraid to ask all those burning questions because you feel like you should already know the answers like your peers seem to.

The term “first generation student” might feel new, but it simply means that you are (or will be) an undergraduate whose parents never enrolled in postsecondary education. And it shouldn’t feel like a disadvantage—you should feel proud to be your family’s first. That’s huge.

We can help bring that pride to the forefront by putting some of your anxiety to rest—here’s how you can get started on your next chapter.

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What Major to Choose in College for 4 Popular Careers

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 8/11/16 1:00 PM

20 Questions to Ask When Visiting Colleges At some point in their lives—usually multiple times—everyone is asked about what they want to do for a career.

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3 Ways to Help Your College-Bound Child Reduce Student Loan Debt

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 8/9/16 7:30 AM

You’ve probably read—or maybe you’ve experienced personally—about how student loan debt can weigh on your shoulders as a budding college student embarking on a career path and the next chapter of your life.

Download the Financial Aid Quick Guide: Student Loans Understandably, the impending semester fee totals can cause young adults to delay other life decisions. According to the article, “65% of borrowers still believe a college education is worth the investment, despite the debt. A majority of borrowers, though, said they were either unsure they would have made the same college choice or definitively would not have made the same choice to attend their alma mater, if they knew then what they know now about loan repayment.”

The question becomes how to help your child make the right choices—choices he or she won’t regret later on once the student loan payments become due.

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