10 Indiana Schools that Use the Common App

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 10/4/16 8:30 AM

IPFW-Blog-16-2.jpgApplying to several different schools in Indiana this fall? The Common App can save you a few headaches.

Using the Common App means you only need to fill out one application. It will store your supplemental materials like transcripts, test scores, and essays, and submit them to your schools once you’re ready. (It even helps you keep track of different schools’ deadlines.)

And while not every school in Indiana uses the Common App, many do. We’ve included the 10 most popular schools, some of which are probably on your list:


The Common App is a handy resource, but it’s still on you to make your application stand out. It’s a good idea to double (or triple) check the application requirements for each and every school on your list.

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And don’t forget: download our new guide—12 Common Mistakes First-Timers Make When Applying to College with the Common App—to maximize your success with the Common App.

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