4 Reasons to Apply to a College with Rolling Admissions This Summer

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 6/29/17 4:30 PM

Everything you read and hear about college admissions tells you to apply early—or, at least, get your application in on a timely basis. But what if it’s not early anymore, you still haven’t settled on your education destination for the coming fall, or you’re hoping to squeeze in one or two more applications before making your final choice?

That’s where rolling admissions can help.

Instead of waiting until a formal cutoff to start processing applications, rolling admissions schools consider applications as they come, rendering decisions within a few weeks. They offer huge application windows—often extending into the summer or even to the beginning of the fall semester. As soon as they have enough students to fill out their incoming classes, the admissions window slams shut.

Because it’s so flexible, rolling admissions offers benefits to early and last-minute applicants alike:

  • If you apply early, you’ll get a quick answer, usually with a financial aid offer. This will help you put your other college applications in perspective.
  • Because rolling admissions schools continue to accept applications until they’re full, you have a better chance of getting in late than at schools with firm deadlines.

 This article is here to help those applying late. Here are a few reasons to look at schools with rolling admissions this summer:

1. You Just Decided to Apply to College

If you had made up your mind not to apply to college and then, for whatever reason, decided last-minute to apply after all, rolling admissions is a no-brainer. It’s one of your best options for finding a good school long after most traditional application deadlines have passed.

On its website, the College Board publishes a list of colleges that accept late applications, starting in January and running through the end of August. Many of these schools operate under rolling admissions, so it’s a good place to start compiling your last-minute application list.

If you’re looking for a school in Indiana, check out our list of five Indiana colleges with rolling admissions.

2. You Just Discovered a School You Wish You’d Applied To

It happens more than you think; you complete all your college applications only to discover a school you left off your list might be the perfect fit for you. If the school has rolling admissions, you’re in luck. If not, or you don’t know, it can’t hurt to contact the school and ask.

You might also want to check out the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s up-to-date list of schools that still have openings this summer. Your late find might just be on it.

3. You Didn’t Get Accepted Anywhere

When students get rejected from their entire list of colleges, they often fall back on community college for a semester or two. Or they take a year off and try again after working for a while.

There’s nothing wrong with either choice, but if you really want to start at a four-year institution this fall, applying to a school with rolling admissions makes a great solution.

4. You Received Disappointing Financial Aid Offers

Often, your choice of college comes down to what you can afford. Sometimes you get accepted into all the colleges you applied to, but their financial offerings are less than you hoped for. You’re reluctant to saddle yourself with too much debt in the form of government and private loans. What can you do?

Again, rolling admissions can provide a lifeline.

It is best to apply early to rolling admissions schools to secure scholarship funding. But, you can use rolling admissions to apply to schools with a lower overall price tag (such as out-of-state schools that will grant you in-state rates). Just be sure to contact the school you're interested in to learn more about its financial aid policies.

A Great Indiana School with Rolling Admissions

If it’s summer and you’re still searching for the right school, consider Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne. Our priority deadline for fall 2017 is August 1, but we continue accepting applications until classes begin on August 21.

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