5 Surprising Careers Your Major Could Lead To

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 4/13/15 9:00 AM

Have you thought about where your college major will take you after graduation? Some majors seem pretty cut and dried—an accounting major becomes an accountant; an engineering major becomes some type of engineer, etc.

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While those majors can lead to other things, students in these programs have a pretty good idea of what their career track will look like post-graduation. But, for some it's not so clear. You may be surprised by the kind of jobs you can get with these majors.

Love Philosophy? Become a Digital Entrepreneur or Executive

A graduate with a degree in philosophy is well equipped to think critically and analyze complex situations. These skills are essential to running a business, particularly in the digital space.

The digital industry values a philosophy background because some of its most successful entrepreneurs graduated as philosophy majors themselves: Damon Horowitz, tech entrepreneur and Google's in-house philosopher/director of engineering; Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn;  Stewart Butterfield, founder of Flickr—they all list a foundation in philosophy as the secret to their success.

A philosophy major will find success in business no matter what industry because they understand how to pinpoint problems and offer solutions. 

Is English Your Thing? Become an SEO Copywriter

Writing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-based Web content (or copy) for large corporations, small businesses, and nonprofits to make them more visible in search engines is what an SEO copywriter does. Their focus is on improving a website's search engine optimization. You don't have to be a techie or know how to write code or work in JavaScript to be an SEO writer.  If you don't believe us, read about SEO writing from a newbie's perspective.

When you Google something, do you normally click on the first few search results to get the information you need? If your answer is yes, think about why that is. Chances are, you feel like search results that show up on page one are the most reliable, and companies know that about you. That's why they are all clamoring to show up there. This is where the SEO writer is valuable to companies.

Are Theatre or the Performing Arts Your Passion? Become a Communications/PR Professional

What qualities do you think a communications/public relations (PR) professional must have to be successful? While there are degree programs for both areas, you might be surprised to know that a theatre or performing arts major can be just as appealing to hiring managers for this type of work.

A theatre and performing arts background prepares you to be an outstanding public speaker and storyteller, two of the most important qualities a communications/PR professional can have. You are likely an outgoing person who enjoys interacting with all kinds of people. In business, this translates into being a master at networking and grabbing attention, which is often the primary goal of someone in this field.

Do You Love Photography, Videography and Design? Become a Social Media/Content Producer

With a significant shift away from traditional advertising in recent years, companies have increasingly focused their budgets on social media and digital ways to promote their products to you. They need people on their team who can create social media content that their customers relate to, and the majority of it needs to be visual—photos, videos, and graphics.

Graduates in photography, film, and graphic design are often scooped up by marketing and advertising agencies or commercial production companies. But be on the lookout for content production companies, which specialize in producing multimedia content for websites and blogs, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Content production companies hire social media producers—also known as content producers—who have skills in photography, videography, and graphic design. If you are a student studying any of those fields, make sure to incorporate social media content into your portfolio.

Are You Fascinated by Psychology? Become a Market Research Analyst

You may assume that someone with a degree in psychology goes on to become a psychologist. But a B.A. or B.S. in psychology can land you a job right out of college as a market research analyst—and with a great starting salary! 

Market research analysts help companies and organizations understand consumer and industry trends by collecting data and reporting on their findings. A market research analyst enjoys working with charts and graphs and has a black belt in Excel. If that sounds fun, you may want to consider this as a career track.

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