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6 Questions to Ask on Your College Tour—Because Your Parents Won’t

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How to Stay Sane when Living at Home

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Keeping on Track with College Applications: A Checklist for Parents

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The College Cost Talk: How to Set Realistic Expectations

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What’s the Difference Between a B.A. and B.S. Degree?

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9 Questions to Ask Every Admissions Counselor

12 Questions to Ask Students (in Your Major)

8 Ways to Learn about a College BEFORE Visiting Campus

Getting the Alumni Story: 10 Questions Prospective Students Forget to Ask

What to Look Out For With Private Student Loans

What the New FAFSA Changes Mean for Applicants

Visiting Colleges? Here’s 25 Questions to Ask

Subsidized vs. Unsubsidized Student Loans: Which Costs More?

Should You Pass on College Because of the Debt?

Reality Check: Can You Afford That Major?

Party Animal or Bookworm? 8 Questions to Ask Students to Find Out if a School is a Good Fit

How Much in Student Loans is Too Much?

Good at Math and Want to Make Money? 5 Lucrative College Majors for You

How to Get Your College Application Fees Waived

Like Writing but Hate English Class? Consider These 6 Majors

6 Majors for Aspiring Law Students

4 Majors for Aspiring Med Students

Timing’s Everything: When You Take Your SAT/ACT Matters

When Should I Start Applying to Colleges?

Undecided? 3 Best Majors for Deciding Students

Public Colleges vs. Private Colleges: Which Should You Choose?

How a Simple Personality Test Can Help You Choose a Major

How to Start Exploring College Majors ... in High School

How to Make Your College Application Stand Out

How to Get a Glowing Review on a College Recommendation Letter

7 Questions to Ask Recruiters At Your College Fair

4 Common Myths About Choosing a College Major

Don’t Be Fooled by ‘Student-to-Faculty’ Ratios; Ask About Class Size

Dorms, Suites, or Off Campus: The Pros and Cons of Popular Housing Options

How to Double Major in College (and Not Go Insane)

3 Advisor Recommended Career Aptitude Assessments

The Undecided Freshman: What to Do to Help You Find Your Path

Trial and Error: Finding Your Passion In College

Get the REAL Scoop: What to Ask Current Students (Instead of Admission Counselors)

Top 4 Majors with the Best Entry-Level Opportunities

The 3 Things Employers Look for When Judging Your College Résumé

Alumni Network: The Most Important (Yet Overlooked) Asset a College Can Offer

5 Surprising Careers Your Major Could Lead To

5 Things Career Counselors Wished Incoming Freshmen Did Their First Year

Where Are Alumni Working? 7 Questions to Ask Before Applying to Colleges

Internships, Externships, and Co-Ops, Oh My!

4 Résumé Boosting Opportunities to Look for When Looking at Colleges

Six Things You’ll Need to Complete Your FAFSA

3 Secrets to Getting the Highest Financial Aid Award

A First-Timers Guide to Filing Your Own FAFSA

Are You Making These Common FAFSA Mistakes?

Applying for Student Loans: What to Expect Step-by-Step

What Influences Your Need-Based Award?

Backup Plan: How to Vary your Applications to Better Your Chances at Acceptance

Top 5 Proven Ways to Improve Your SAT or ACT Scores

Applying to College: Realistic Timeline and Goals

3 First Steps to Apply to College

Calculating the True Cost of Attending College

The Double Life; How to Pull Off Attending College While Working

3 Scholarships Every Indiana High School Senior Should Apply For

Avoiding the Dreaded Student Debt; Advice from Real Graduates

All Colleges are Not Created Equal: For-Profit vs. Non-Profit Schools

You’re More Than Your Test Score: What Admissions Looks for Besides Your SAT Score

We Asked College Recruiters: What Makes an Applicant Stand Out?

Does Number of Students Really Matter?

What to Look for When Evaluating Schools (Beyond Cost and Academics)

Beyond Rankings: How to Really Compare Schools

Downtown or Small Town: Which Type of Campus Location is Right for You?

The 4 Best Indiana College Towns

13 Things Current Students Wish They Did When Visiting Campus

12 Important Questions to Ask Your Tour Guide (We Bet You’d Never Think Of)





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