April Checklist for Juniors and Seniors

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It was a long winter, but you made it. For seniors, graduation is only a couple of months away. For juniors, your senior year looks closer than ever. You worked hard on your college research and paperwork for the last few months. Good job — let’s keep that going.

There’s still work ahead to make your college dreams come true, but you can do it. We have faith in you. Let’s see what needs your attention during April.


Senior checklist for April

As a senior, things are winding down in your high school career and your eyes are firmly locked on graduation. Still, lift your gaze a bit to the fall and stay focused on your final preparations for college. You have decisions to make and a bunch of smaller to-do items to complete:

  • Do your final college visits. If you haven’t visited any of your top picks yet, make that a priority. Get as much out of the visit as you can. Talk with students, check out a class if you can, meet professors, and grab an on-campus meal.

  • Get answers to your questions. Go back over your notes on all of your finalists. If you have any lingering questions, now’s the time to get answers. Talk to your high school guidance counselor for general things or if you need help figuring out where to go for help. The admissions teams at your selected universities can direct you to a lot of information on campus. Talk with the financial aid office if you have questions about the aid package they offered to you.

  • Compare the schools on your list. Unless one school simply bursts off the page and blinds you with its awesomeness, spend some time really looking at your finalists. Get out the financial aid information and work out your costs. Think about the school’s location, the faculty and students you met, the vibe you got from the campus, and (yes) the food you ate there. Discuss everything with your parent or guardian.

  • Get ready to make your decision. Most colleges want to know if you plan to attend by the end of the month, so get ready to make the call. Other schools, like Purdue University Fort Wayne, give you more flexibility and some extra time to make up your mind. Either way, review all of your research and think about your choice.

  • Write thank-you notes. A lot of people helped you get to this point in your college process, so invest some time in repaying their support. A simple thank-you note goes a long way to a mentor who wrote a recommendation or a teacher who offered extra help getting through a rough patch in class. Writing a note might not seem like a big thing to you, but it is to the people on the other end of the envelope.

Junior checklist for April

Your list for April looks a lot like your list for March, but that doesn’t mean you get to slack off. Keep things rolling, because your college search only gets more intense from here:

  • Visit more colleges. Schedule more college visits and experience all of the campuses that you can. The more places you visit, the more you learn about every aspect of college. That helps you ask better questions and explore things you didn’t think of when you started this journey.

  • Look for scholarships and grants. Deadlines for scholarships land all over the calendar, so keep searching and applying. You never know what kind of amazing (and sometimes crazy) scholarship opportunities you can find out there.

  • Keep your grades up. This one goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Schools want to see students with solid academic records, so make your grades shine. Look for extra credit opportunities and take them whenever you can. Better grades means better responses from colleges, and usually better financial aid offers, too.

  • Stay involved outside of school. Pick up some volunteer hours at community organizations. The more active you are both in and outside of school, the more interesting you look to a college admissions officer. Pick organizations and causes you believe in so your heart is in the work.

You’re almost there, so keep going. Summer will be here in a couple of months, and you’ll be ready to enjoy the sunshine and warm breeze on your face.

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