Ask a Don: Why Did You Transfer to IPFW’s Nursing Program?

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 7/7/16 7:30 AM

IPFW transder nursing studentsTransferring programs or schools can be exciting, but nerve-wracking—take it from someone who’s gone through it.

Wilisha Graham—a junior nursing student at IPFW—is also a transfer student from Ivy Tech Community College. She made the big decision to enroll at IPFW because she thought she’d have better opportunities and access to resources—a decision she arrived at after giving a thorough look at the pros and cons and asking the right questions.

How big is the school? Can I be more involved in the campus?

Being involved in campus life—on-campus and off—is a substantial benefit to your college experience.  

One of the main things Wilisha was looking for was a larger university with more students to connect with.

“One of the first resources that we got was the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs,” Wilisha says. “From there, I was exposed to a bunch of things. I work with the new students in Advising and Registration. I also am exposed to different cultures through that Office of Diversity. I get to talk to more students. I am just more involved in the campus life. You find friends to hang out with outside of school.”

Will I have a better career opportunity? How competitive is the nursing program?

IPFW nursing students using dummyWilisha didn’t feel that she was being pushed enough in the Ivy Tech nursing program to really do her best and continue to improve—and then she heard about the quality of IPFW’s nursing program.

“IPFW is a very competitive school as far as the nursing program,” she says. “They seek out basically the best of the best in their students. IPFW has a 90% pass rate of NCLEX, the state board exam. That was definitely something that drew me to IPFW's nursing program.”

In fact, all of IPFW’s 2015 baccalaureate graduates in the Department of Nursing passed the NCLEX-RN exam on their first try. IPFW has strong study groups and clinical programs constructed to promote this kind of student success.

Is it still close to home?

IPFW School of Nursing mastodonWilisha lives in Fort Wayne and it was important to her that her transfer school allowed her to stay in the community she’d grown attached to.

“I had done some on-campus tours and IPFW was one of the schools that I was looking at after graduation,” she says.


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