Best of the Blog: Which Major to Choose for 4 Hot Careers

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 5/31/18 4:45 PM

At some point in your life—or, more likely, at many points—a well-meaning person will wander up to you and ask what you plan to do as a career.

It happens because your family members, teachers, neighbors, and friends just want to help. Really, they do. They’re checking in to hear what you think and what you have already considered. Maybe they heard about a great career path and want to share it with you. Perhaps they hope you’ll go into the family business but do a better job of running the place than Great-Uncle Mortimer did. The list goes on and on.

But once you figure out what you want to do in the future, how do you connect that vision with a particular major to help you get there? Glad you asked.

Let’s look at four of the best 100 jobs in 2017 and see how they match with different majors. Some probably look like straightforward routes to the job market, but others can leave you feeling mismatched or even misplaced. Don’t worry, though, because that’s nothing a little research can’t fix.

0829 4 hot jobs admissions blog photo.jpgActuary (#27 in top 100; #4 in business)

If you like putting business and math together, then a position as an actuary might appeal to you. Actuaries use math, statistics, and business finance theory to protect businesses and their customers from all kinds of risk. Although actuaries worked in the insurance industry for years, actuarial positions started appearing in other kinds of businesses as well.

Because of the growth in the field, we recently launched a bachelor’s degree program in Actuarial Science. Explore it to indulge your inner business math lover!

Business Operations Manager (#53 in top 100; #9 in business)

Speaking of business, almost every company needs people who make the gears and wheels of the organization function. They might work anywhere in the company—human resources, purchasing, finance, or marketing—because everybody needs help getting stuff done.

Although this job fits perfectly into the management and administration majors of the Bachelor of Science in Business, you can take any degree that involves creativity, organization, or working with people and apply it here.

Marriage and Family Therapist (#51 in top 100; #2 in social services)

As long as people are, well, people, they’ll have problems dealing with other people. Those problems feel most painful when they strike couples or the members of a family. As the public continues developing a better understanding of mental health issues, the field of marriage and family therapy will just keep growing.

Although an undergraduate degree in psychology, human services, or something else in the Humanities and Social & Behavioral Sciences Pathway program gives you the best preparation for pursuing this career, most any bachelor’s degree will get you started. The most important thing you need is a heart to help couples and families.

Mechanical Engineer (#37 in top 100; #2 in engineering)

Everything about a mechanical engineer starts with curiosity. You want to know how and why things work—and you enjoy getting your hands dirty while you figure it out. If you love problem solving, designing and building devices, or 3D design and printing, then becoming a mechanical engineer might match your interests.

The path toward this job starts with a major in mechanical engineering, one of the four engineering majors available here. If you’re already thinking about continuing your education beyond an undergraduate degree, take a look at the five-year combined bachelor’s and master’s program in mechanical engineering.

For more information about the engineering fields and which one might fit you the best, check out our blog post What Type of Engineering Should I Study? A Comparison.

If you aren’t sure which major your career interests might lead you toward, explore the Pathway Program in our Center for Student Success and Transitions. Download the free program guide today!New Call-to-action

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