Can a Career Aptitude Test Seriously Help You Choose a Major?

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 12/6/16 8:30 AM

Now What.jpgIf you’re feeling uncertain about what you want to major in, don’t fret—you have a lot resources available to you. In fact, we’ve written before about majors for popular career paths, the best majors for deciding students, and IPFW’s Pathways program.

But if you’re still feeling out your options, you might consider taking an online career aptitude test.

These quizzes will ask you all sorts of questions about your passions, your strengths, your weaknesses, and your goals, and suggest a few possible career paths that suit you.

From there, you can work backwards to figure out a major that will prepare you for your career—though keep in mind, the right major for the job may not always be the obvious one.

Finding the Right Test

Like Buzzfeed personality quizzes, not all career aptitude tests are created equal. If your test is trying to gauge your career goals based on your coffee order or the color of your aura, it’s probably not going to give you a good result.

We’ve written previously about three advisor-approved career tests that are a great starting point: The Complete Aptitude Test, the Princeton Review Career Aptitude Test, and

These tests evaluate you and your goals based on a lot of relevant categories, including numerical, verbal, mechanical, and social skills, all of which can have an impact on your course of study and eventual career. 

Interpreting Your Results

Whichever test you take, you’ll likely end up with a few possible matches.

For example, if you scored high on verbal and literary skills (or indicated that you do well in English courses), the test might suggest careers in writing, teaching, journalism, or communications.

Likewise, if you rank highly with numerical skills, you may be matched with careers in engineering, accounting, or statistics.

It’s up to you to sort through your results and see what feels right—but thankfully, you’re not alone in figuring out your results.         

Talk to an Advisor

Once you have your test results, make an appointment with your guidance counselor, or reach out to the colleges on your list to get in touch with an academic advisor or career counselor.

They can help you interpret your results, talk through your interests, and come up with a list of possible degree paths that make sense for you. Plus, proactively calling colleges will strengthen your relationship and possibly even improve your chances of getting in.

Above all else, keep in mind that career aptitude tests are just a starting point. They’re a great way to generate ideas that match your interests and strengths, but where your college (and career) journey will take you is ultimately up to you.

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