Introduction to IPFW: The Freshman Orientation

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 2/28/17 4:30 PM

Attending college means a big transition. It’s a different environment, with new classmates, new instructors, and a whole new way of learning.

At IPFW, you go through a two-step orientation process designed to make your transition as easy as possible. The Student Success and Transitions office, based in Kettler Hall, coordinates everything.

Understanding what happens when, which forms to submit, and so on—as well as approaching the whole thing with the right mindset—will give you a smooth transition into your first year as a Mastodon.

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How IPFW Orientation Works

You begin Orientation by activating your account and looking for an email from that will arrive around the middle of March if you have already been admitted. Placement tests must be taken a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the Advising and Registration Day you choose. Your writing self-placement is done in your myIPFW account and you can call the Testing Services office at 260-481-6600 to schedule your math placement.

The second part of Orientation takes you on an exciting two days packed with introductions, information, and new experiences.

Tips for a Successful IPFW Freshman Orientation

Preparing yourself for all of the new people and information at Orientation will help you get the most out of the experience. Here’s how to start:

  • Try new things. You’ll learn about employment opportunities, extracurricular clubs and organizations, and intramural sports. You never know what you’ll learn or who you’ll meet, so approach the day with an open mind.
  • Talk to everyone. Some people feel naturally quiet in unfamiliar environments filled with new people, but at Orientation everyone worries about the same things you do: Will people like me? Will I fit in? How am I going to remember all of this stuff? You have a lot more in common with your fellow students than you think. If you or your family know people who graduated from IPFW, ask them about their experience. They once felt just like you do now, so learning from them will help you get the most out of college.
  • Ask questions. Orientation gives you a lot of information in a short amount of time. You won’t remember every single detail the first time you hear it. Do your best to pay attention and make notes about the important stuff. If you think you missed something or need more information, speak up and ask questions. Other people probably want to know the same thing.

You Get Out What You Put In!

Like most things in your college experience, the benefits you get from Orientation depend how much you put into the process. If you focus on the details and take advantage of as many opportunities as you can, you’ll make new friends, find your community, and put yourself in a great position for success as a new IPFW Mastodon.

Want to learn more about life at IPFW? Download our Viewbook to learn more about being a student.

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