IPFW Summer Honors Camp—is It Right for Me?

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 3/21/17 4:30 PM

The IPFW Summer Honors Camp (July 30–August 4) is an ideal way to experience what college is like as an IPFW student, before starting college. The camp is an opportunity to meet other students who are facing the same important questions about college, while working with some of the best IPFW faculty and experiencing the cultural offerings of Fort Wayne in the evenings.

This program may be for you if:

  • You are unsure where to apply to college
  • You want to learn more about different disciplines and majors
  • You are interested in meeting other students like you
  • You want to start earning college credit (This program is worth one credit hour!)

You can expect six exciting days filled with interdisciplinary learning and hands-on activities. Last year, students explored northeast Indiana when they visited Poe Quarry (an active quarry!) to learn about the mining process of minerals and other materials. They also visited Crooked Lake, where they took water samples for an in-depth look at living organisms using high-powered microscopes.

The excitement will continue this summer with field trips, workshops, and more. In the evening, experience Fort Wayne’s rich culture and lively atmosphere (we don’t list it as One of the 7 Best College Towns in the Midwest for nothing). Explore the city and get to know students who, just like you, are planning for college while experiencing the best that IPFW has to offer!

Who is eligible? High school juniors who meet the Honors Program eligibility requirements. If you fall short of meeting the requirements or aren’t sure (or your high school doesn’t calculate class rank), you should contact the Honors Program directly to find out if you need additional materials for your application.

The cost for the camp is $273.75 for all six days, which includes housing, tuition, and meals. Fee waivers are available for those who qualify for free or reduced lunch programs.

Ready to apply? Simply submit an application to IPFW through the Collegiate ConnectionÔ, along with your camp application and a short (800 words or less) essay using the prompt “Why are you interested in this program and what do you hope to gain from it?” The priority deadline is March 27, 2017, but the final deadline to apply is April 17.

 Excited about this one-of-a-kind opportunity? Apply today and download the Viewbook to get a look at IPFW and all it has to offer.

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