Seven Apps to Help You Find and Apply to College

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 10/19/17 5:03 PM

Apps – they’re everywhere you and your phone are. They play games, post to social media, help you track your car insurance, follow the headlines, watch cat videos, and so much more.

Well, if they do all of that for you, then why shouldn’t apps help you find the right college and help you get into it?

As a matter of fact, a number of apps in both the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores do those very things. This article takes a closer look at seven of them. All of the apps are free to download and use at their most basic level, although some offer extra features if you pay a little bit of money.

Remember: If an app is free to use, it just means either you (through your personal data) or someone else (by way of advertising) is paying the bill, or the app’s creators hope to sell you a product or on-going subscription in the future. Keep that in mind if an app asks you to supply your contact information or details about your college plans.

Pull out your tablet or phone, link up to your friendly neighborhood wifi router, and see what these apps can see in you your collegiate future.

1019-8 Apps That Will Help.jpgThe College Fair

Google Play, iOS

Formerly known as Schoold, this app calls itself the “world's only mobile college fair.” Like some of the others in this list, it combines college search and recruiting information with notes about applications, financial aid, and possible careers.

College Search Guide: Handbook for US College


This app focuses entirely on college search. It offers a robust, searchable database of more than 7,000 schools ranging from large public universities and private colleges to community colleges, technical schools, and others.

The app is free, but charges a small fee to unlock advanced search features. Some reviewers reported problems getting the advanced features to work with their devices.

CollegeGo 1.3

Google Play, iOS

If you’re the first in your family to attend college, this app might be a good choice for you. It offers information and guidance geared especially toward first generation students, including questions about your personality, interests, career goals, and more. The step-by-step approach makes it easy to understand and follow the app’s process.

Peterson’s College Guide


Although many app developers are new to the college search business, Peterson’s has been around for a long time – over 50 years. Their app includes searchable data on more than 60,000 undergraduate, graduate, and online programs, along with keywords designed to help you sift through everything. The app’s information also covers admissions factors and tuition, making it a good starting point in your search.

PathSource Career, Job, School & College Search

Google Play, iOS

If you don’t know what careers might interest you, this app’s career assessment can help. It walks you through a series of personality questions and then offers suggestions on possible career paths based on your answers. From there, its search system helps you find colleges and university programs to match your needs.



This app focuses on comparing information from about 1,000 four-year colleges. It uses a spreadsheet-like interface that lets you list a number of schools and directly see how they rate against each other in admissions information, test scores, tuition, fees, and more. It even includes information about the schools’ athletic programs.

Common App OnTrack

Google Play, iOS

Given that over 700 schools – including IPFW – use the Common App in their admissions process, it’s no surprise that the organization behind the Common App would develop a smartphone app that helps you keep track of your progress. The app also helps you learn more about the Common App schools, monitor application deadlines, manage your recommendations, and more.

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