Top 4 Majors with the Best Entry-Level Opportunities

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So you got into college. The worry is over, right? Maybe not. Many students are concerned about getting a job after graduation even before they start college! And it's a legitimate concern, especially if you are going to have student loans to repay.

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If this is a concern of yours, then it's never too early to consider what major you want displayed on your college diploma. Your major really can have an effect on the amount of money you make in the first few years of your career. So which majors are safer bets?


There are quite a few entry-level jobs that pay finance majors a handsome starting salary.

  • Calculator on financial sheetsMerchandise Planner: This person deals with a lot of data to ensure a business is making good purchasing and buying decisions on materials, products, and services. If you like the word inventory, this job's for you.

    Average starting salary: $51,000

  • Forensic Accountant: This person takes a fine-toothed comb to the tax documents of businesses to ensure there are no mistakes or irregularities.

    Average starting salary: $51,000

  • Investment Banking Analyst: If the term "financial modeling" sounds dreamy, or The Wolf of Wall Street is your favorite movie, read on. This person works behind the scenes at financial institutions, conducting research to give investment advice, or to offer banking products to people/companies with a lot of money.

    Average starting salary: $69,000

Computer Science

Computer scienceHave you always wanted to fight back against hackers? Let's hope you don't want to be a hacker. Data security is at the top of most corporations' must-have lists. Someone with a degree in computer science can start off in the industry as a network security analyst, a person who monitors a company's computer network and information.

Average starting salary: $55,000


Protractor on graph paperStudents who major in mathematics typically choose a track like statistics, finance, or actuarial science. However, there are colleges that offer degrees in those specific areas. Students who major in mathematics can obtain entry-level work as an actuarial assistant. This person researches and analyzes data at insurance companies to set premium rates. (A degree in finance can also land you this type of job.)

Average starting salary: $58,000


Information Technology (IT)

LaptopThis major offers so much job potential, we aren't quite sure where to begin. Huge corporations seek out graduates with degrees in IT for many reasons, and pretty much all of them pay well. One of the best-paying entry-level positions this degree offers is business systems analyst. This person evaluates the current technology used in daily business operations and analyzes data to make improvements on their systems and processes.

Average starting salary: $69,000

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