April Checklist for Juniors and Seniors

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 4/5/18 4:45 PM

It was a long winter, but you made it. For seniors, graduation is only a couple of months away. For juniors, your senior year looks closer than ever. You worked hard on your college research and paperwork for the last few months. Good job — let’s keep that going.

There’s still work ahead to make your college dreams come true, but you can do it. We have faith in you. Let’s see what needs your attention during April.

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Best of the Blog: 6 Questions to Ask on Your College Tour—Because Your Parents Won’t

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 2/1/18 4:45 PM

6 Questions Tours.jpg

Bringing your parents to a college tour is a really great idea. They can help you keep track of all the information being thrown your way, and help you understand a lot of the details when it comes to tuition costs and financial aid.

(Maybe they'll get nostalgic and tell you stories from when they were in college. Who knows what embarrassing things they might share?)

Even though your parents have your best interests at heart, they probably won't ask questions about things that really matter to you, so you need to take the initiative.

We already shared some questions to ask students in your major and questions to bring to your admissions representative—but what about the little things that will affect you day to day? You deserve to get answers about them, whether or not your parents think to ask.

Check out these six questions. Write them down (or put them into your phone) and take them with you on your next campus visit.

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Campus Tour Etiquette: How to Shine during Your Campus Visits

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 5/11/17 4:30 PM

New Call-to-actionYou read the brochures. You scoured the website. You probably even traded some text messages with a helpful person in Admissions. But today, the school’s most recognizable building (the one you remember from that big photo in the catalog) is looking back at you through the windshield. With the prep work finally done, you arrived for your all-important campus tour. 

Every school does things a little differently, but at some level all tours feel a bit awkward. You and your entourage meet the Admissions team and watch an informative video presentation, after which you set out for a trek through campus in search of inspiration and connection.

Luckily, the right touch of tour etiquette will help you seize the day and make a good impression on everyone you interact with. Here are the key skills to guide you.

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