Day in the Life: An IPFW Freshman

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 3/9/17 4:30 PM

Every college can tell you what programs they offer, the kind of housing options that are available, and what financial aid opportunities they have. But it’s hard to understand the actual experience of being a college student until you attend. How will you spend your days and evenings?

To find out, let’s walk through what a typical day in the life of a new Mastodon might look like, highlighting the many opportunities available for IPFW students.

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Introduction to IPFW: The Freshman Orientation

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 2/28/17 4:30 PM

Attending college means a big transition. It’s a different environment, with new classmates, new instructors, and a whole new way of learning.

At IPFW, you go through a two-step orientation process designed to make your transition as easy as possible. The Student Success and Transitions office, based in Kettler Hall, coordinates everything.

Understanding what happens when, which forms to submit, and so on—as well as approaching the whole thing with the right mindset—will give you a smooth transition into your first year as a Mastodon.

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The Minimum GPA for IPFW: What We’re Looking For

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 10/25/16 8:30 AM

One of the most common questions we receive from prospective students who are curious about applying to IPFW is: “What kind of grades do I need to get in? 

The short answer is, “It depends.”

Regular admission to IPFW generally requires a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or above. Students who apply to IPFW with a GPA between 2.0 and 2.499 may be considered a “conditional admit,” meaning there might be certain conditions you have to meet in order to continue taking classes here, such as maintaining a certain grade in all your classes.

However, your GPA is only one part of your application. At IPFW, we consider your academic history, your exam scores, your extracurricular activities, your letters of reference, and your goals when making an admission decision.

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5 Ways IPFW’s Doermer School of Business Prepares Its Graduates for the Workforce

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 7/28/16 7:30 AM

If you’re in your junior or senior year of high school and accounting (or another business major) looks like your field of choice at IPFW, you might be wondering what your next steps are. What experiences might you get? What will your next chapter be like?

IPFW senior accounting major Eseosa Igbinijesu has some answers for you—as an international student from Nigeria and as a Mastodon whose goal was to study forensic accounting (fraud examination, advanced auditing, etc.) before she even started to look at schools.

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6 Impressions from an International Student After 3 Years at IPFW

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 7/26/16 7:30 AM

Moving to a new school is scary. Moving to a new country can also be scary. Moving to a new school in a new country? Well, you get the picture.

If you’re in this exciting but nerve-wracking position, don’t worry—easier said than done, we know. IPFW international senior accounting student Eseosa Igbinijesu made the move from Nigeria three years ago and we sat down with her to find out about her experience.

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Faculty Spotlight: Rachel Rayburn, Assistant Professor of Public Policy

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 6/21/16 7:30 AM

Public policy can be described as an “umbrella” that encompasses a variety of majors, including criminal justice, environmental policy, and legal studies to name a few.

Getting “real world” experience in these areas can be a grueling task, but Rachel Rayburn, an assistant professor of public policy at IPFW, manages to provide her students with just that. Professor Rayburn feels that the best way to set students up for success after they graduate is to give them that firsthand experience, both inside and outside the classroom.

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