The Undecided College Applicant’s Guide to the Psychology Major

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 7/20/17 4:30 PM

You already know the pop culture clichés about psychology: A patient stretched out on a leather couch in a room lined with bookshelves. Off to one side of the couch a doctor wearing round wire-rim glasses calmly says, “Yes, I see. Now, tell me about your mother.”

Parent-based crises aside, psychology maintains its position year after year as one of the most popular college majors. There’s something about unpacking the mysteries of the human mind that intrigues college students.

20 Questions to Ask When Visiting CollegesMaybe it’s the chance to learn about yourself; maybe it’s understanding how other people think. Or perhaps it’s because (as one former psychology major speculates on Quora) psychology is considered “the easy one” among the sciences—at least by those who don’t understand it.

If you’re undecided and applying to colleges, chances are the thought of a psychology major crossed your consciousness. But what is the psychology major, really?

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