Community College as a Backup Plan? Consider the Pros and Cons

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 9/19/17 5:35 PM

“Well, you can always go to community college.”

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4 Reasons to Apply to a College with Rolling Admissions This Summer

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 6/29/17 4:30 PM

Everything you read and hear about college admissions tells you to apply early—or, at least, get your application in on a timely basis. But what if it’s not early anymore, you still haven’t settled on your education destination for the coming fall, or you’re hoping to squeeze in one or two more applications before making your final choice?

That’s where rolling admissions can help.

Instead of waiting until a formal cutoff to start processing applications, rolling admissions schools consider applications as they come, rendering decisions within a few weeks. They offer huge application windows—often extending into the summer or even to the beginning of the fall semester. As soon as they have enough students to fill out their incoming classes, the admissions window slams shut.

Because it’s so flexible, rolling admissions offers benefits to early and last-minute applicants alike:

  • If you apply early, you’ll get a quick answer, usually with a financial aid offer. This will help you put your other college applications in perspective.
  • Because rolling admissions schools continue to accept applications until they’re full, you have a better chance of getting in late than at schools with firm deadlines.

 This article is here to help those applying late. Here are a few reasons to look at schools with rolling admissions this summer:

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