Undecided? 3 Best Majors for Deciding Students

Posted by IPFW Admissions Team on 9/29/15 8:00 AM

Choosing a major doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it. In fact, a lot of college majors have the same gen ed requirements. Certain majors can serve as a good base to try different classes and see what really interests you. Here are the three most popular “undecided majors” for students who aren’t quite sure what they want to study when they enter college:

 1. Psychology

What is it?

Psychology studies the basic aspects of people's behavior and offers solutions to behavioral problems from a scientific perspective. As a freshman, you will most likely be taking general education courses in math, biology, English, and psychology. This should include some version of “Psychology 100,” or an introduction to the science and field of psychology.


Who should major in it?

If you plan on going to graduate school for a master’s in psychology, then obviously this is the undergraduate major for you. But there are lots of occupations that psychology can be a foundation for. One field you may not have thought of that values psych majors is marketing, and maybe even more surprising is law enforcement. Both fields need individuals who understand human behavior.


2. Business

What is it?

Business degree programs are fairly well-rounded in that they offer students the base skills they need to be successful in just about any business setting. Your degree program will equip you with the fundamental principles of business theory and practice. College freshmen will typically start out with some form of math and accounting, communications, psychology or sociology, and some economics classes.


Who should major in it?

If you have your sights set on working at a non-profit, for the government, or in just about any business setting, this one's for you. Your business degree program can be more broad, like business management and administration; or it can take you on a specific track in accounting, finance, marketing, or sales.


3. English

What is it?

The English major will make you a master in understanding and using language effectively, which are powerful skills in an age dominated by information technologies. A college freshman will probably take introductory courses like composition or literature.


Who should major in it?

English degree programs are designed for students who want a sound liberal arts education. Like business, a degree in English or communications has many career possibilities. It is also a good foundation for graduate or professional school. 

Think of these three suggestions as simply that—suggestions. Talk to your academic advisor about other courses you can take that will introduce you to a new field of study and will likely still count toward your degree if you change your mind later. Remember, this is college—try something new!

If you’re in high school and trying to figure out what you want to major in in college, rest assured you’re in good company!  Many students don’t declare a major when they apply to schools, and more still change their major over the course of their four years.

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